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PKF British Virgin Islands (PKF BVI) is a member firm of PKF International which has a presence of over 500 offices in 150 countries around the world. PKF offers its clients local knowledge on a wide range of industries including retail, financial services, cooperatives, transportation, education, hospitality and manufacturing.

In addition to local knowledge PKF (BVI) Limited has access to worldwide specialists through PKF International. PKF (BVI) Limited provides business and advisory services from growing business, entrepreneurial businesses, non-profit organizations to fully listed companies. Our size and placement allows us to service internationally recognized organizations to emerging businesses on the move.

Our website introduces clients, prospective clients, and potential colleagues to the services provided with core emphasis on auditing, reviews and agreed upon procedures. You may be a client, potential client, or a future colleague, but whoever you are, we believe we have something unique to offer you.

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