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Financial misfortune can strike any business or individual, with potentially serious and far-reaching consequences. But an experienced adviser can help you through this stressful time, minimise the impact and put you on the road to recovery, while securing the best achievable outcome for creditors and other stakeholders.

Why choose PKF?

The way the law treats insolvency and corporate recovery varies greatly throughout the world. Some countries have almost no rules in this area while others have a complex maze of legislation. In either event, having an insolvency expert on your side is a must. Many PKF member firms have dedicated corporate recovery and insolvency practices, while many others in smaller countries have direct insolvency experience.

By getting involved at an early stage, PKF advisers can identify the problems, stem the decline and stabilize the business. Where business turnaround may not be possible, your PKF adviser will pursue the most appropriate options from an informal workout to formal insolvency.

In addition, a PKF insolvency adviser can often find solutions to improve your company's fortunes so that insolvency ceases to be necessary. Our aim as far as possible is to bring about a recovery before the situation reaches that stage.

What do we offer?

A PKF corporate recovery and insolvency team can help you with:

  • Corporate restructuring  
  • Negotiating with creditors
  • Receivership
  • Corporate liquidation
  • Seeking alternatives to insolvency.

Our firm also offer services to individuals, sole traders and partnerships in financial difficulty.